probe «prohb», verb, probed, prob|ing, noun.
1. to search into; examine thoroughly; investigate: »

to probe a person's thoughts or feelings to find out why he acted as he did. Man in his unquenchable thirst for oil has probed ever deeper into the desert wastes of the Middle East (Newsweek).

SYNONYM(S): scrutinize.
2. to examine with a probe.
3. Military. to test the strength or defenses of (the enemy), as by a raid: »

An enemy unit of undetermined strength briefly probed a central sector position (New York Times).

to search; penetrate: »

to probe into the causes of crime. We searched our minds in long discussions late each night and didn't spare each other as we probed for answers (Norman Cousins).

[< noun]
1. a thorough examination; investigation: »

a probe into juvenile delinquency.

2. an investigation, usually by a lawmaking body or a committee of its members in an effort to discover evidences of law violation: »

An energetic, youthful trustbuster will guide the Senate probe (Wall Street Journal).

3. a slender instrument for exploring something. A doctor or dentist uses a probe to explore the depth or direction of a wound or a cavity in the body. A Geiger counter uses a probe to detect the amount of radiation in radioactive matter, such as rocks.
4. a rocket, satellite or other unmanned spacecraft carrying scientific instruments, to record or report back information about space, other planets, or other objects in outer space: »

Probes…pass in the vicinity of either Venus or Mars…now well within the reach of rocket technology (Harper's).

5. the launching of such a spacecraft.
6. Military. a testing of the strength or defenses of the enemy: »

Light enemy probes and scattered patrol contacts have been reported (New York Times).

7. a pipelike device on an airplane used in probe-and-drogue refueling.
[< Late Latin proba a proof < Latin probāre prove. See etym. of doublet proof. (Cf.proof)]
prob´er, noun.
prob´ing|ly, adverb.

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